Yaesu FT-8xx Cables Build

⚠ Note: the cable described in this post is for the older revision of the interface (1.5 or earlier). Since revision 1.6 Digirig uses TRRS connector allowing a PTT line in the audio cable. For the new cable schematic, please check the images in the product page.

We’ve got a positive confirmation of Digirig Mobile making friends with Yaesu FT-857D. Other classic Yaesu HF rigs share the same connectors, specifically: FT-100, FT817, FT-857, FT-897, FT-817ND and FT897D. If your transceiver features Mini Din-6 and Mini Din-8 sockets labeled “DATA” & “ACC” respectively then the chances are that the cables pinout in this post will work for your radio as well. However, this is not the case with FT-891 which shares the audio cable pinout, but doesn’t offer serial CAT connection via Mini Din-8.

Audio Cable

Here is the pinout for audio cable. Note that the below view is for the male connector on the cable side which is mirrored view from female socket in the radio referenced in its documentation.

Serial Cable

Serial cable pinout is also from the perspective of the male connector which is apparent from the crowded pins in the middle row shown on the left side instead of right.

Cable Build Ideas

For my build I used 1:1 inexpensive Mini Din-6 and and Mini Din-8 cables ordered online. With four stereo jacks that gave me enough material to build two sets of cords. The alternative is to use 1:1 stereo 3.5mm jack male-to-male cables similar to those offered in store and add Mini Din connectors on one of the ends of each cord. For additional tips and tricks on building the cables please check out Xiegu Cables Post.

Post comments about your cable build including the model of your transceiver, materials and techniques you used.

4/22/2021 Edit: I’ve also received a confirmation for Yaesu FT-817 courtesy of Justin, VK7TW and Radio and Electronics Association of Southern Tasmania. You can watch them introducing and using Digirig for WSPR mode in WSJT-X in the recorded live stream. Below are some of the pictures of their setup.

Pre-built cables

By popular demand I’m also offering pre-built coiled cables for Yaesu FT-8xx rigs.

Yaesu FT-8xx Cables Build
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