Frequently Asked Questions

Which Digirig configuration do I need?
What cables do I need?
I need help with Digirig setup

Most of the hair is saved by carefully following the Getting Started tutorial. If you run into any difficulties, for a quick resolution first refer to the Troubleshooting Guide.

You can find further help, including specifics of different transceivers, cables and software combinations in the Digirig Forum. Browse the forum tags to quickly narrow down to the most relevant posts. If submitting a new question, describe the results you received from the troubleshooting steps.

Digirig’s Youtube channel has troubleshooting videos for different areas of concern:

If you are submitting a technical support request in email or the community forum, please specify at what point in the setup process your results differed from what is described in the setup tutorial, what troubleshooting you attempted and what results you got. Also include the model of your radio, the cables and Digirig configuration you ordered, operation system and the digital modes software you are attempting to configure.

Where is my order?

Digirig store sends out a confirmation email when order is received and a separate email with the tracking information when your order ships. If you have not received the tracking or tracking doesn’t show shipment in possession of the carrier within a week, please reach out using the form below.

Backordered items will hold the rest of the order until all items are back in stock. Please place a separate order for in-stock items if you wish to split the shipments.

Once the order is in possession of the shipping carrier, the only information about the status of the package that is available to Digirig is the same tracking number that you received in the shipment confirmation email. If the tracking events stop or the package takes on an exotic route please allow sufficient time for the things to sort themselves out before reaching out: a week for domestic orders and a month for international orders. Some shipments (especially economy international) may be transferred between multiple carriers. Please check the tracking page for additional IDs that may be assigned, try the tracking code with your domestic mail carrier’s website or check using the universal tracking services.


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