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Digital modes interface for amateur radio combining audio codec and serial CAT interface.

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Digirig Mobile is a digital modes interface for amateur radio.
Revision 1.5

  • combines audio codec and serial CAT interface
  • supports full featured CAT interface: PTT, bands, tuning etc. (not just VOX based PTT)
  • uses a single USB connection to computer minimizing the cables mess
  • serial TxD/RxD lines can be switched to open-collector PTT/CW drivers controlled by RTS and DTR lines of COM port
  • axillary connection points to CM108 codec – used in Allstar homebrew node builds
  • uses widely supported CP2102 serial interface (latest driver) and CM108 audio codec (generic audio device – no driver necessary)
  • small rugged aluminum enclosure ideal for mobile operations
  • interfaces the transceiver using widely available 3.5mm stereo jacks (TRS)
  • isolation can be easily added using inexpensive USB isolator dongle

    Serial interface is 3.3V TTL.
    This listing does not include cables. USB cable is a standard USB Type-C cord which must support both power/charging and data. You will have to make the rig side cords for your specific radio or order them from the growing list of pre-made cables in store.

    Digirig Mobile
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    Weight 0.1 lbs
    Dimensions 1.5 × 1 × 1 in


    7 reviews for Digirig Mobile

    1. Robert Tykulsker (verified owner)

      A sound card interface and rig control in one solid package. I just hooked up with the G90 cables https://digirig.net/product/xiegu-g90-cords-digirig-mobile/ to my G90 and have solid HF performance with FT8 and WSJT-X and Winlink. The ability to have rig control along with the “best/next” feature of Winlink HF is a joy.
      I did have to download drivers from Silicon Labs for Windows 10 from here: https://www.silabs.com/developers/usb-to-uart-bridge-vcp-drivers

      For WSJT-X, I configured my Xiegu G90 as an Icom IC-7000 and baud rate 19200. PTT method of CAT
      For Winlink HF, I configured my Xiegu G90 as an Icom 7200, Icom address of 70, and USB. Radio Control 19200 baud and PTT via CI-V

      I can’t wait to cut up a 6 pin MINI-DIN cable so I can work with my VHF/UHF radios!

    2. David Simmons (verified owner)

      Its a great device in a small package, Had really good luck so far with my G90 which I’ve set aside specifically for digital use, and linux with WSJT-X for FT8. Its small and compact and in a sturdy enclosure

      with my distribution of linux (manjaro linux) it was plug and play, no drivers

      Was surprised how easy it was to setup, if you have a g90 and want to give this device a try, I highly recommend you have a look at the guide here, it’ll save you some time from falling into the same pitfalls as I did, such as forgetting to set input form mic to line, etc.


    3. John Byerly (verified owner)

      Absolutely love digirig mobile. This thing works great! The one-wire interface with the USB isolator is the epitome of quiet. I have given away my other digital interfaces and use digirig with my X5105 and G90. Going to order another now.

    4. Peter McQuain (verified owner)

      Worked perfectly the first time! Love having CAT and audio on one device. Oh, and the pictures are misleading – this thing is much smaller than it looks and rugged! Excellent work!

    5. astrodroid (verified owner)

      This interface rocks, Love it!
      It works and looks professional grade.

      Bought the Digirig Mobile + USB isolator and cables while looking for a solution to get FT8 for my son’s FT-857.
      Denis K0TX was very helpful when I explained that I would like to get the interface ready for field day and shipped them in a hurry.
      Dennis answered question quickly and courteous on the same day or faster.
      I’m impressed by the Build Quality, which is professional grade.
      Got it all working and on Saturday morning had my first ever 2m ssb FT8 qso with Ft. Stockton TX. That is some 450 miles away, I was surprised.
      I’m writing a how to for the Yeasu FT-857 integration with the Digirig Mobile and will post it on the Digirig forum.

    6. John Livingston (verified owner)

      Got mine and love it! I’m new to digital modes and I was struggling getting the cables made, audio setup, serial setup, etc on my own for my Xiego G90. I’m a techie, but not an electronics guy… anything beyond making a Cat5 cable is beyond me. So getting an all-in-one unit with pre-made cables was really, really, nice. IMHO it’s what the CE-19 should have been to start with. Ordered it with cables etc, much cleaner setup than anything I’d had tried previously and definitely the way to go for a Xiego.

    7. Paul Robinson (verified owner)

      Received my Digirig Mobile recently, and it’s an amazing little box…So much easier to work with than the CE-19, especially with the ready-made cables. If you’re looking to explore digital modes like FT8 and such, I can’t recommend Digirig enough, Excellent product!

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