The Addictive Nature of FT8

You know the game… the memories of recent haul are still fresh in your head… you prime the machine and hope that it spits out that rare combination on the next run. There may be nothing special for days, but then there is the fist pumping, the happy dance. It keeps you coming back and trying harder. It’s just perfect drug for the introvert who would rather not push a small talk with other players.

Those with the addictive personalities, should probably stay away from FT8: between, the quick turnaround time, the uncertainty of each play and the steady breadcrumb trail of dopamine it has all that it takes to hook you up for good. Years down the road you’ll find yourself in a basement surrounded by nothing but thousands of dollars worth of ham equipment and mountains of SQL QSL cards. It’s not too late to turn around and save yourself!

Just kidding.. Have at it, but do go outside and hangout off the air.

73 de K0TX, to all you maniacs!

The Addictive Nature of FT8
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2 thoughts on “The Addictive Nature of FT8

  • 2021-03-22 at 13:56

    Yeah, can’t wait to line my wall with SQL cards.


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