Project Plan

Multiple versions of the interface are developed at the same time to help determine which features are vital for different use cases. The field testing and user feedback will guide the iterative design changes. This might ultimately result in a single one-size-fits-all solution or multiple interfaces each optimized for a specific operation modes and circumstances. We start with desktop and mobile versions.

Shack Version

This version is not constrained by size and features additional USB connectors for axillary devices, opto-electric isolation of CW/PTT lines, isolation transformers for audio, signal level adjustments etc. This is something you would permanently keep hooked up in your radio shack.

Mobile Version

This is barebones version featuring minimum required set of connections and functionality optimized for smallest size and intended for portable use. Think of it as something you would throw in the backpack and hike to the top of the mountain for some high elevation QSOs.


The project follows the familiar design-prototype-test pattern. Below are the major milestones:

  1. Analysis of use cases, electrical specifications, other requirements
  2. Components selection, electric engineering, PCB design
  3. Prototype build
  4. Internal testing
  5. External testing
  6. Collect feedback and repeat

At the time of writing the design of the initial revision is complete, prototype PCBs are ordered and components arrived and awaiting the prototype build (step 3). Depending on how the internal testing goes, the first small batch of devices may become available for external testing at some point in February or March 2021. Please review the latest updates and signup for email notifications if you want to participate in testing.

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Project Plan
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