Lab599 TX-500 cords for Digirig Mobile


Lab599 TX-500 cables for Digirig Mobile 1.6

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  • coiled cable keeps things nice and tidy by preventing knots and kinks
  • one serial CAT with 3.3V power (GX12-4) cable and one Audio cable (GX12-7)
  • about 24″ relaxed, 72″ fully stretched
  • shielded and RF choked with ferrite beads on both ends to prevent RFI
  • hardware PTT line in audio cable allows single cable operation, make sure RST line of serial port is normally inactive (HIGH)
  • Digirig has capacitors on audio lines as required by TX-500
  • premium quality materials and craftsmanship

This cable requires Digirig Mobile Revision 1.6 or later preconfigured for TX-500.

If you purchase this cable together with the interface, I’m assuming you want interface pre-configured for TX-500. Please specify in the order notes if you have other preference.

Lab599 TX-500 cords for Digirig Mobile

Additional information

Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 1 in


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